Quality Control

The company has qualified and trained staff, such as Q-grade coffee tasters. Other staff members are trained annually so they can be at the forefront regarding state-of-the-art techniques, insights, and all the other needs that this market requires.

Finca Medina formulates and exports 100% of the coffee in commercial operations. The drying and exporting processes comply with our client’s standards, taste, and preferences. Preparing each batch in this manner is what makes our coffee very special.

Our professional laboratory is where all the necessary quality controls are performed. Here, fermentation, washing, drying and storage guidelines are developed and regulated. The coffee is always tested to verify and confirm product aroma, taste, and excellence.

All controls and checkpoints, purity, classification and constant quality control performed by the working staff, are what allows us to adjust preparation to what our clients need.

Antigua´s genuine coffee offers a cup that perfectly combines body, taste and aroma. It is internationally acclaimed for its unique characteristics: fragance, floral aroma, light body and balance, mild notes of chocolate, good taste and acidity levels.