Our farm

Located on the foothill of the Agua Volcano, Finca Medina was founded in 1842. It’s 100 acres are located on the outskirts of Guatemala’s City of Antigua.

Finca Medina respects its sustainability commitment and combines modern technology with Antigua’s traditional coffee production techniques.

Our commitment has allowed us to attain world-class coffee, which has been exported throughout many continents and distributed in countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Korea, Netherlands and othrers.

Worldwide brands have acknowledged our product. Each coffee batch is evaluated in our laboratory to verify traceability, quality, fragrance, aroma, flavor, balance, sweetness, and all the different cup profiles that our clients need.

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Our people

As coffee growers and producers, we value each individual’s contribution to every cup of coffee’s growth, processing, and production. Medina Farms’ Social Responsibility Policy is based on the following:

Education, Healthcare and Community Service

Our team has 30 people on payroll (staff) and another 200 seasonal workers working only during harvest. Education and training are provided to staff members and their cost is included in our budget. Training and Education topics include personal protection equipment use, standard family hygiene & healthcare, as well as caring for the environment. Our purpose is to ensure a better quality of life for our workers.

Additionally, we have several education scholarships where we offer support to purchase all necessary school supplies and also help with school tuition for employees and their children. We also contribute towards life and healthcare insurance for those who choose these benefits.

Water and pulp treatment in coffee processing

We have a top-of-the-line water treatment plan. In it, water from the wet part of the process is processed. The treatment plant has a primary stage. It is an anaerobic, facultative, and wastewater pond system. It’s coated with a plastic membrane to avoid water filtration to the groundwater layer in the subsoil.