Preparation Process

Coffee must be handled professionally throughout the whole process to ensure best-cup quality. During the harvest season, November through April, as they reach their optimal growth matured coffee cherries are harvested by hand. The Brix scale analysis determines the ideal maturation point.

We specialize in producing specialty coffee such as Naturals and Honeys.

On the day the coffee is harvested, .the pulp is removed, and the coffee is moved to fermentation tanks. The coffee is then cleaned and classified by traditional washing and density sorting practices. As a result, only the best beans are chosen to go through the drying process.

The drying is done on our patios, completely exposing the bean to the sun. The coffee beans are constantly turned with wooden paddles to ensure uniform drying.

As the coffee acquires a golden shade, it is collected from the patios. The coffee is then stored in the appropriate conditions to rest, and later be exporter.