Our people

As coffee growers and producers we value the contribution of each individual to the growth, processing and production of each cup of coffee. The Social Responsibility politics on Medina Farms are based on the following:

Education, healtcare and Community Services

Our team has 30 people on payroll (staff) and another 200 seasonal workers working only during harvest. Education and training are provided to staff members and their cost is included in our budget. Training and Education topics include personal protection equipment use, standard family hygiene & healthcare, as well as caring for the environment. Our purpose is to ensure a better quality of life for our workers.

Additionally, we have several education scholarships where we offer support to purchase all necessary school supplies and also help with school tuition for employees and their children. We also contribute towards life and healthcare insurance for those who choose these benefits

To ensure our staff’s best daily efforts we have tailored our facilities to meet their needs. We provide them with access to a variety of tools and protective equipment as well as open working spaces.

Medical program

Finca Medina has several healthcare and educational programs. To ensure the staffs well-being they receive routine checkups on behalf of the company. In case of any disease or medical condition, each member also receives information, education and primary treatment for his or her affliction.

Oral hygiene is very important to nutritional status; therefore, the healthcare program includes an annual visit to the dental clinic which provides basic dental care and minor tooth repair. The company has two clinics that care for approximately 150 to 200 workers and family members per year.


The facilities and workspaces have been designed considering the needs
of our working staff and their daily performance.


The company has incorporated a construction plan to build houses for employees that live within the farm. The houses are built for families with adequate materials, providing comfort, security, and other benefits.

The houses have spacious rooms, a kitchen equipped with an Onil stove, a dining area, showers, a septic tank, a garden, and sports facilities.

Waste Product Management

Every waste product that comes from processing coffee, pulp, solids, and water is recovered and sent to a specific area. Once there, the decomposition process begins until it all becomes compost. The waste and sub-products are used as organic fertilizer and distributed amongst the coffee plants.

Social Projects

Medina Farms consistently participates with the community through different sports, educational, social, and charitable activities.

Health Campaigns

Health Campaigns We benefit small growers in the area by providing plant grafts that come from either client donations or our own seeding programs.