Water and pulp treatment in the processing of coffee

We have a top-of-the-line water treatment plant, in which the water from the wet part of the process is processed. The treatment plant has a primary stage with anaerobic, facultative and wastewater ponds system, and its coated with a plastic membrane to avoid water filtrations to the groundwater layer in the subsoil.


The company has set the goal to be pioneer in water cleaning in coffee processes in order to reuse this water and hopes to accomplish the most exigent parameters in the  BOD and QOD indexes.

Pulp and Compost

The coffee pulp is used for the elaboration of organic compost. During this process we use 30% of the water that was used in the wet stage of the coffee process.


The sub products are mixed and turned thru a special compost machine. The turning is made several times a week in order to guarantee the aeration and liberation of water and carbon dioxide.


The water that comes from the processing of the coffee is poured in the compost beds and helps to rehydrate the compost. It also adds bacteria and enzymes that benefit the decay process. 

To enrich the compost, the wooden sticks, leaves and other natural products coming from the farm´s activities, like wood chopping and tree trimming, are added also to the compost beds.


Once the compost has reached the stage in which it can be utilized as organic fertilizer it is applied to the coffee trees.


The transformation and use of these sub products ensure that our operation recycles and reutilizes the waste products in a friendly and healthy way for the environment, closing the whole cycle of coffee production. 

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