Small Producers

The main support of Finca Medina towards the small producers is to increase their productivity in a competitive way, achieving a better quality of life for the small producer and his family.

In most markets the most vulnerable are small producers, due to different factors, such as: low market prices, high infrastructure costs, reduced accessibility to financing and technological information, for these reasons Finca Medina supports a group of small producers of Coffee from the Antigua region. The assistance is from cultivation to commercialization.

the main support includes training, technical visits to the small farms, educational tours, donation of coffee varieties resistant to rust, development of foliar fertilizers to prevent rust, facilitate protective equipment, donation of molasses, support in soil analysis and financing if desired by the small producer.

Also, Finca Medina works as a collection center for the processing and transformation of the coffee of the small producer, carrying a strict traceability and special care during the handling. In addition, the water resulting from the wet process is treated through water treatment and the pulp is converted into compost, thus avoiding the contamination of our environment and using it as organic matter for the soils.


At the same time, Finca Medina has assigned an attendant who supports in the management of the diverse needs regarding the cultivation of coffee, such as participation in certificates such as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified & CAFÉ Practices.


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