Since year 2000 Finca Medina has been a member the National Coffee Association and the Antigua Coffee Producers Association.

Finca Medina complies with sustainable production standards towards the environment and has several initiatives toward the preservation of the rainforest, and supports different programs aimed to improve the lives of the families that work in the estate. These initiatives and a constant involvement  with the local community, have granted us the following certifications:

Rainforest Alliance. Independently certified according to environmental and social standards, ensuring that the estate is conserving critical habitat for wildlife, reforesting, recycling and reducing waste. The families in certified farms benefit from better working conditions, environmental education, better housing, clean water and access to schools and medical care.

Utz Certified “Good inside”, is one of the largest sustainability worldwide programs: one-third of all coffee that is sustainably traded worldwide is certified by UTZ.

Best Coffee Practices, Starbucks.

Q Grade Certification, developed by the Coffee  Quality Institute is an internationally recognized grading system for evaluating green coffee quality.